To purchase or inquire about our available deer semen, please email or call us. You can find all of our contact info on the Contact Us page.

To help us better serve you, please put the name of the deer you are inquiring about in the Deer Name Field or in the body of your email.

To view the pedigree and pictures of the deer that we are selling semen out of just click on the name of that deer.

If you purchase 2 or more straws of semen from any of the bucks listed, you will get free shipping.

Deer Name Score Straw Size Price Per Straw
SA Phenom 227 5/8 1/2 cc 200.00
SA Y38 185 3/8 1/2 cc 200.00
SA Colt .45 240+ @ 3 1/2 cc 200.00
SA Creedence 220+ @ 2 1/2 cc 200.00
SA Locust 220+ @ 2 1/2 cc 200.00