To purchase or inquire about our available deer, please email or call us. You can find all of our contact info on the Contact Us page.

To help us better serve you, please put the name of the deer you are inquiring about in the Deer Name Field or in the body of your email.

To view the pedigree of the deer just click on the tag number of that deer. Any interest in these upcoming fawns, give us a call.

This Spring we will have does fawns available out of the deer listed below. If you have any interest in acquiring any of these doe fawns, you can put a down payment on them and we will hold the fawns for you. If no doe fawns are born out of the deer you wanted you will get your down payment back or you can pick any other available fawns. You can either pull them and bottle feed them yourself or we can leave them on the mother for you until they are weaned. Weaning rate is anywhere from 10-12 weeks old. 12 weeks being the max that we will let on mother.


Deer Name Buck Exposed To
White 16h Black 34
Yellow 40 Black 34
Green 1 Black 34
White 19 Black 34
Peach 4 Black 34
Green 5 Peach 50
White 20 Peach 50
Yellow 27 Peach 50
Yellow 31 Peach 50
Green 27 Peach 50
Black 2 Black 48
Black 45 Black 48
Black 46 Black 48
Black 41 Black 48
Peach 46 Black 48